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What We Do:

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Ironhide Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to bringing value to our clients and reusing resources that would otherwise be considered waste. Our unique business approach allows us to listen and understand your challenges, design a custom solution, and deliver an engineered resolution. Our manufacturing method renders the best value in the market and yields our clients a generous return on investment.


Featured Systems

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IVD - Ironhide Vacuum Distillation System

Ironhide Vacuum Distillation System The Ironhide Vacuum Distillation System (IVD) is used to dehydrate, degasify, and purify industrial fluids of all types. The IVD uses vacuum, heat, and particulate filtration to purify fluids by removing solid particulates via a barrier filter, removing 100% of dissolved, entrained, emusfiled water down to 10 wppm or less, and entrained gases.

Product Catalog

Ironhide Manufacturing, Inc. is the expert at optimizing solutions with the correct situation. Our clients approach us with variety of challenges, such as lubricating oil with water and particulates, for which we are able to provide a proven solution. Other challenges require a completely custom engineered and manufactured approach, such as removing siloxanes from motor oil. Our industry-specific, fluid-specific solutions will enhance your machinery’s reliability, reduce maintenance expenses, increase safety, minimize waste, and reduce your overall operating expenses. We have a dedicated team of engineers to assist you in matching your challenge to one of our products.